Personal Training

At Home

Get rid of one more excuse by letting us come to your home and provide an effective training there. We develop a training plan that is centered around your goals. All the equipment – should any be necessary – will be provided by us. The only thing we need from you is a will to improve your fitness and the necessary amount of space at your home (or a close-by park if the weather permits) in order to achieve that. You don’t need a gym membership but still get a personal trainer who will keep you accountable and make sure the desired progress is being made.

At Your Gym

You love going to the gym but feel like you are not making real progress? We can help you by aiding you with your workouts and making sure you are making the desired progress. We will teach you new exercises and help you be accountable. A workout plan will be drafted specifically with your goals in mind and with the intention of using all of the available resources at your gym. In case you are somebody who needs a kick in the butt to go to the gym, we even take on that role by contacting you on a regular basis and making sure you follow the plan that you initially helped build.

At Our Gym

If you don’t belong to a gym and don’t have the necessary space at home, there are still solutions for you to get a great workout. We can take you to any of the McFit partner gyms (McFit, High5, John Reed) and work out with you there. We can use our small gym room at our facilities inside Stadtbad Mitte or even the big room if the workout requires it. If there is one thing we are great at, it’s getting rid of your excuses not to get healthy :). So come join us and help us help you achieve the best version of yourself regardless of where.

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