During Sport

Sports Massage

Every athlete knows that the right recovery is just as important as the right training. Muscles don’t grow during the workout but during the recovery time. This process can be accelerated through a few factors. One of these factors is the sports massage. The sports massage can help athletes get rid of soreness and tightness that is a result of regular training. More about our >Sports Massage.

Team Fitness

Our team fitness service consists of fitness tests, strength training and endurance training. If you want to find out where your athletes stand as far as their athletic ability is concerned, let us do the testing for that. You want to increase the strength of your team members? We take care of that. Endurance is more important? We can also do that. More about our >Team Fitness.

Team Physio Services

Sports injuries are a part of the game. Unfortunately we can only decrease the likelihood of them occurring but we can’t completely rule them out. One of the best ways to do that, is to have a physiotherapist who takes care of the players. This means you can hire one of our physiotherapists for practice sessions, competitions or both. Our physiotherapists will make sure your players will get the necessary treatment to prevent injuries or even how best to deal with them after the fact so the road to recovery is shortened. More about our >Team Physio Services.

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