At Home

Mobile Massages

Everyday life can be hectic. One’s own health gets neglected very easily. Through our mobile massages, we try to make your life simpler and healthier by bringing relaxation to you. We come to your home and transform your four walls into your personal spa. Everything is provided by us. The only thing we need from you is enough space in order to carry out the massage. That’s it. This means no additional commuting, no waiting times and no commute back home. After the massage it’s “relax and enjoy the effects of the massage” time. Saves time, energy and improves your health. More about our >Mobile Massages.

Personal Training

Get rid of another excuse by bringing the workout to your own home. We create a training plan based on your goals. All the equipment needed – should any be needed – will be provided by us. The only thing we need from you is a will to get fitter and enough room in your apartment (or a park nearby if weather permits). No gym membership needed to do an effective training with a personal trainer, who makes sure that the exercises are done correctly and progress is made. More about our >Personal Training.

Injury Recovery

The same way our massages are offered as a mobile option, so is our physiotherapy. Of course this assumes that no heavy machines are needed for the recovery. Everything else is brought by us to do things like manual therapy, bodyweight exercises or work on fascia. All we need from you is enough space for a massage table. This doesn’t just save you time but also pain associated with the commute. In conclusion, the healing process is accelerated through our mobility. More about our >Injury Recovery.

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