Ergonomic Consulting

Ergonomische ArbeitsplatzoptimierungProper ergonomics at offices is becoming an increasingly important role. Especially due to the fact that more and more people are working in the service sector, thereby increasing the number of people who spent most of their workday at an office.

The following factors get optimized through our ergonomic consultation:

  • Table height (if possible)
  • Monitor height
  • Angle of arm to mouse
  • Chair
    • ¬†Height
    • Angle of seat back
    • Height of the armrest

Our occupational therapist has specialized in workplace ergonomics during her apprenticeship and is able to analyze each individual workstation for improvements. After an in-depth analysis, the workstation is optimized to the person’s body measurements. We will also do a presentation about Ergonomics at the Office and how aches and pains can be prevented, if that is something you wish. Even the slightest improvement can have a huge effect over time.

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