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Office Massages

Book our office massages for your employees and increase their well-being, prevent long-term back pain while at the same time improving the work environment at your office. We give you as much freedom as possible: you decide how often we come to your office, how long the massages per person last and whether to bring the massage chair or the massage table.

What makes us special is not just our team of highly qualified massage therapists, but the comprehensive service we offer: upon our first visit, we fill out evaluation forms with each person in order to document each person’s problem areas. After each massage, notes are created about what treatment was applied and the development of the areas that experience discomfort. More information about our office massages, along with the prices, can be found at >Office Massages.

Office Fitness

Companies aware of the importance of fitness for employees as well as the company itself, are able to book our yoga and/or pilates classes. These are specifically designed for office environments so that long-term problems are prevented and fun at the office is increased.

Our trainers offer yoga and pilates as a part of a comprehensive method to increase back strength. The emphasis lies on prevention. Groups can have a maximum of 20 participants. All we would need from you is a room big enough and mats to do the exercise on. We will bring the rest. More information about our office fitness, along with the prices, can be found at >Office Fitness.

Ergonomic Consulting

Another topic of concern that companies of the present and future should be concerned about, are the ergonomics of the office furniture for the employees. Since about a third of the day is spent at work, it is extremely important that the furniture is customized to the individual so that problems can be prevent, which have a tendency to become increasingly worse over time.

Our occupational therapist, who specialized on ergonomic furniture, comes to your office and analyzes each person’s workstation. The height of the chair is optimized, the eye level in accordance to the display is adjusted, the angle of the arm when using the mouse is changed for least stress and of course we show you the perfect sitting posture for preventing long-term back pain. Find out more information about our >Ergonomic Consulting.

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