Office Fitness


If your company wants to provide fitness programs for your office but still wants you to have enough energy after the workout so you can complete your to-do list, then there aren’t many options better than yoga. As far as the needed equipment is concerned, it also doesn’t get simpler as only a mat is required. Our yoga courses put an emphasis on releasing the built up tension in the back and other places in the body that accumulates at an office job. Classes can be provided before, during or after work, depending on what works best for your company’s schedule.

Firmensport - Yoga


In case your company wants to provide a type of workout, which specifically targets strengthening core muscles through bodyweight exercises, Pilates is right for you. Developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates as a way to rehabilitate your body from injuries using specific movements, it has evolved into a form of exercise with the purpose of mainly strengthening core muscles and thereby having a holistic effect on the rest of the body. The advantage here is also that an effective training can be accomplished without needing anything other than a mat. Classes can be provided before, during or even after work.

Team Walks

Team walks are a great way to combine clearing the head by leaving the office environment with exercise and team-building. Walks can last anywhere between 15 and 60 min. The size of the groups can be anywhere between 2 and 20 people. The times at which they take place is completely up to you. Lots of studies (Study) have shown how even a 10 min walk can improve brain function. Combine that with team members spending time with each other outside the office environment and a simple “team walk” can turn into a great health and productivity exercise.

Office Sports Management

Imagine a company that takes care of all things regarding office sports: sending out information about what is being offered, the times at which sessions take place, making sure people know how to sign up, receiving feedback and using that to improve what is being offered and so much more. This leaves your staff with more time to actually take care of what is important in daily business activities while we take care of your health and well-being. No need for a contract or anything of the sort. You tell us your boundary conditions and we find the best solution given your constraints.

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