Mobile Massage

Should life get too much in the way and other responsibilities and obligations will not allow you to spend any time commuting from A to B, we still would not want you to miss out on our great massage services. No need to look for a parking spot, no waiting times, no annoying trip home. You have the option to book a mobile massage and receive a massage right inside your own home. We bring along everything that is needed in order to transform your living room/bedroom into your private spa. And just as quickly as we came and set up, we are also gone so you can enjoy the effects of the massage in peace. Depending on what outcome you desire most, our highly qualified and experienced massage therapists have learned to find and apply the right kind of treatment; whether it’s relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, muscle relaxation, joint flexibility improvement or even a mix of any of those.

Book your massage in just 3 steps

1. Choose the duration of your massage:

  • 60 Min – 97 €
  • 90 Min – 136 €
  • 120 Min – 175 €

2. Choose the type of massage:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage

3. Contact us to make your appointment:

Now all you need to do is wait until Relaxation rings the doorbell : )