Team Physio Services

Team PhysioSports injuries are a part of the game. Unfortunately we can only decrease the likelihood of them occurring but we can’t completely rule them out. One of the best ways to do that, is to have a physiotherapist who takes care of your team. This means you can hire one of our physiotherapists for practice sessions, competitions or both.

Our physiotherapists will make sure your players will get the necessary treatment to prevent injuries or even how to treat them once they’ve occured so the road to recovery is shortened. There is a good reason why good sports teams have physiotherapists, assuming they also have the resources.

Emergency First Aid Responder

As we know, injuries cannot be avoided. When an injury occurs at a game or practice, our physiotherapists are trained as emergency first aid responders. Whether it is an injury or an health emergency, we have the training to evaluate the situation and treat the athlete on the spot with the necessary measures. With multiple years of experience and working with many different sports, we have the expertise to treat athletes properly.

Taping and Bracing

After the initial injury evaluation, it is sometimes necessary to apply tape or a brace so that the athlete can continue to play and/or train. Although taping and bracing may not get rid all pain it will give the athlete the support needed to help prevent further injury. This can also be used as a preventative application. With the right evaluation and application, this will cause your team to be more effective in any environment.


After an athlete has sustained an injury, the recovery process begins immediately starting with the body. However, to get an athlete back to a level of play requires healing from not only within the body but also through rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists have the knowledge to provide your athletes with the appropriate rehabilitation to get them back on the field in a reasonable amount of time.

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