Sports Massage

Everybody who works out on a regular basis, knows what sore muscles can feel like. Sports massages, medical massages and deep tissue massages can have a profound effect and drastically shorten the recovery time of muscle soreness.  Anybody who has decided to get a massage in order to decrease the soreness also knows that a massage can work wonders. For those who haven’t tried it out, let us let you in on a little secret: it feels great! We can do that for your athletes at your sports club either before or after practices and competitions. The only thing that is needed is a room to carry out the massage in and plenty of sore muscles.

Sports massages use different strokes and movements compared to traditional massages: kneading, circular movements, tapping, vibrations and some stretching make up the majority of movements. The overall goal is to improve sports performance. In detail, this is achieved by reducing toxins in the body, relieving stress, boosting circulation, reducing physical pain as well as tension. In some cases, this requires an adequate amount of pressure, which might not be suitable for everyone, so keep that in mind. The benefits are well worth it: decreased muscle soreness, increased range of motion in muscle-tendon junctions, improved endurance and injury prevention. Doesn’t matter if you are a weekend jogger or training for the next Olympic Games, implementing a sports massage into your normal regimen can be a great addition.

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