Team Fitness

Fitness Testing

Improvement always starts with knowing where one stands and then setting a goal. That delta usually requires a lot of work but it’s hard to figure out what that looks like without knowing the starting point. With our fitness tests you can figure out the fitness level of each one of your players. This information will make it a lot simpler to determine what needs to be done within what time period in order to reach the desired goal. Testing can take place quarterly, twice a year or even just once a year. You decide on the frequency.

Strength Training

Different sports require different kinds of athletes. Everybody knows that. If your sport is focused on strength, we can help you increase the strength of each individual player with a training regimen adjusted to your needs. All available resources will be taken into account and used to create the best plan for every player. Depending on your schedule, we will come as often as your timetable allows. This will give you a leg up over your competition and make sure you are always at least one step ahead. Let us help you unleash the true strength of your players.

Endurance Training


Should endurance be the priority in your sport, we can create a training plan with a focus on that. Analogous to the strength training, all resources will be taken into account and used to create the best plan in order to increase your team’s endurance over a certain period of time. Depending on how quickly you want to make progress and how high the goal is set, we can aid you by doing the training as frequently as you’d like us to. Keep in mind that the more often endurance is being worked on, the better but it should not neglect the training of the actual sport. Therefore finding the right balance is key.

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