Feel Better

It is easy to forget what feeling better means. The more stressful things get, the more our equilibrium shifts until it arrives at a point where not feeling good is our new normal. We have made it our mission to move the needle of well-being back to where it belongs. That place is different for every person and requires different approaches.

Körperwerkstatt (Body Mechanics) focuses on improving the health and wellness of human beings by providing treatments and services in all different kinds of locations. We provide a spectrum of services focused on improving your health at virtually any location; at your home, outside or at your gym and even at your place of work.

Along with our massage service, we offer fitness programs, which consist of private yoga, as well as pilates lessons and personal training. Körperwerkstatt can help you at every step of the way. As with our massage service, we provide these services at the gym you already go to, at your office, at your sport club and of course at your home. There are no excuses. Get your body running better today.

Massage Services

Massages are a great way of passively improving your physical and mental well-being. Often times we think of massage as an easy fix to “feel good”, when in fact the effects can improve your health and performance in many ways. Each body has different needs. Learn more about our >Massage Services.

Fitness Programs

Feel better with fitness. Just like with our massage services, we are able to provide our fitness programs virtually anywhere. This means that inconvenience is not an excuse. We can come to your home, we can go to your gym, we set up exercise programs at offices and we set up fitness programs for whole sports teams. Learn more about our >Fitness Programs.


Injuries are a part of the game. Although we can decrease the likelihood of them occurring, we cannot completely rule them out. We provide amateur athletes regular body maintenance as well as at-home recovery services. We also provide taping and emergency first response for practice sessions, competitions or both. Learn more about our >Physiotherapy Services.

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